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Stephen Arokiasamy,
raised in South India by idealistic parents, grew up in a world of love and compassion for the poor. He came from a small township, later studied at the prestigious Loyola College with the Jesuits, and attained a Master's Degree in Social Work, specializing in Medical and Psychiatric Social Work. Upon graduation he was employed at the Institute of Mental Health, and worked with psychiatric patients for 28 years.

Carmel, also from South India, spent her early years at a convent school in Bangalore. Like Stephen, she was raised in a family that cared about social issues. She earned a Master's Degree in Sociology and also studied social work. Until her retirement in mid 2005, she was a social worker at the Institute of Child Health and the Hospital for Children.
Together Stephen and Carmel formed Share and Care Children's Welfare Society as a natural outgrowth of their social work. When they started, they simply wanted to do something for the poor apart from their paying jobs. Their commitment to this work means that they are never content with things as they are; they have only to look around them to see the pressing need for assistance.

Stephen Arokiasamy and Carmel, both working in social work, wanted to do more for people in deplorable conditions.
In 1983 they received support from the local Lioness Club chapter to give one egg and one tumbler of milk to the poorest pregnant women in a nearby slum.

Stephen’s lively intelligence and Carmel’s heartfelt compassion combine to create programmes that serve those who need them. Currently their many projects and small but dedicated team of workers keep them busy day and night.

Their three children, all grown, contribute to the organization in one way or another. They are also happy grandparents of five grandchildren.

The Early Years :

Stephen and Carmel wanted to do more, and realised that although the Lioness Club-sponsored programme had been good, it was not very organised. So in 1984 they registered Share and Care Children’s Welfare Society (Reg No. 70/1984), and got together with other like-minded people to form a Board of Directors and Executive Committee, composed of people from a variety of professions.

They then started to look for donors. Over the course of the next few years two women from France stepped forward to help. The first project saw the start of Arul Anbukkudil, a home for 25 orphaned or destitute boys. Here the children were given Shelter, food, clothing, school supplies and uniforms, medical attention, love and care. They attended the local school. By the end of the French donations in 1989, more than a hundred children had been helped. The home continues today, but has moved to Katchur and currently houses about one hundred twenty boys.
Next Asha Bhavan, a similar home for orphaned or destitute girls, came into existence with ten girls. Like Arul Anbukudil, the children got food, clothing, shelter, and went to the local school. Today, although the French sponsorship has discontinued, the home continuous in Katchur, now with about one hundred girls.
The Education project was another French-sponsored programme. Here poor boys and girls were given all the materials needed to attend school. The programme sponsored over a hundred children by the time it closed in 2003 after eighteen years of work.

One of the important outcomes of the collaboration with the French women was the introduction of Stephen and Carmel to Medecins sans frontieres. MSF became the main sponsor for a polio project which lasted from 1991 until March 2005. During this time many successful operations were performed, allowing polio-afflicted children to function in a regular environment.

Programmes followed rapidly, and Share and Care has become one of the well respected NGOs in Chennai, Thiruvallur and Kancheepuram Districts in and around Chennai.

Activities of the organisation in the field of Social welfare and development.

The Society is running the following projects in respective centres to help the poor and down trodden people :

Children's Education Programme : 250 children are helped to continue their education.
Polio Project : 300 polio affected children given free surgery, physiotheraphy, calipers and    education.
Age Care : 22 aged grandpas and grandmas are helped with Medical Care, Pocket Money,    Provisions, Dresses, Recreation.

Anbagam Creche :64 children from the slum are given free mid-day meal, immunisation,    medical care and education.
Home for handicapped girls : 40 polio affected children are given shelter, food, clothing and    medical care.
Greetings cards : 30 polio affected girls make straw cards from their Manufacturing unit and are being sold to Govt. show rooms.

NAINARKUPPAM (Fishermen village) :

Night class for 50 school going children
Non formal Education for 35 children those who are not attending school

Christ King High School : 452 children from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes are given    free education, dresses and Medical care.
Amalanda Bhavan : Taking care of 65 aged people in the Day Centre for the aged.
Creche : 30 infants from Katchur village are being given education, dresses, mid-day meals    and medical care
Community Health Care : Treating the sick, conducts health and eye camps. Co-operating with    Govt. health and immunisation programme.
Arul Anbukudil : 142 orphan and destitute boys are provided with shelter, food, clothing,    dresses, education and medical care.
Asha Bhavan : Home for orphan and destitute girls. 114 girls provided with shelter, food ,    clothing, education and medical care.
Women Association : 400 women self help groups are formed total membership of 6000    women.
Youth Association : 40 young boys have formed a group of20 each

Idaya Kudhil :Day Centre for the aged taking care of 33 aged.

Sneha : Day centre for the aged taking care of 37 aged.
Creche : 30 children from Scheduled caste community are being taken care of .

Day Centre taking care of 27 aged people.
Creche – 25 infants from tribal community are being taken care of.

The Day Centre is taking care of 11 aged people.

SEVALAYA – Day care centre for the aged – taking care of 52 aged peoples.
WOMEN VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE – 35 girls are given training in embroidery work.

Share and Care helped the Tsunami-affected people. In Nainarkuppam, a fisherman village where we work, forty households were affected.  All their belongings were washed away by the waves.  Almost all the Kattumaram and nets were also washed away by the high waves.  All the people were given rice, provisions, oil, cooking utensils, and also medical camp was conducted and more than 800 people were treated.

TIRUVELLORE DISTRICT Pulicot was affected by the Tsunami, but only two villages were very badly hit.  We selected Koraikuppam Village to work with; here six people died and others were washed away by giant waves.  Everyone in the village lost everything.  Share and Care gave kerosene stoves, cooking vessels, dresses, play materials, and counseling to all the 101 families. 

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